Boston GLOW Career and Empowerment Conference has ended
Join women CEOs, community leaders, entrepreneurs and more for a day of skills sharing and community building for women and our allies of all genders. All attendees will select from 3 breakout sessions, 3 keynote events, and have plenty of opportunities for networking, connections, resources sharing, and more!

Speakers and sessions are below!
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Amanda Finizio

Christa McAuliffe Charter School
Teacher Leader
I have been working as a middle school humanities teacher for the past 13 years. I have spent time in project-based student centered charter schools as well as other types of charter schools. I am currently a teacher leader at my school, acting for the second year as the leader of the eighth grade team. I also initiated in a group in my school last year to focus on our schools examination of equity and anti-racism. I am currently leading that group and reaching out to other organizations to support us as well as planning and executing professional development for the faculty at our school. I have been selected by the Boston foundation to give an Ed Talk on my work in this area in May. I am currently thinking about my next steps in my career, considering a move into administration or leadership positions in other organizations that are in the area of education and or equity. I would love to connect with people on both of these options.